In medical institutions, there are many activities that are not directly related to patient care, and yet they are carried out by medical staff. These activities are necessary, but we believe that today they should be automated.

All subjects that come into contact with drugs must keep them in satisfactory temperature conditions. In addition to the obligation stated by law, constant temperature monitoring is important in terms of drug safety, durability, and damage prevention.

Our company developed a solution to improve operational effectiveness and reduce cost by removing human labor from manual temperature readings and increasing safety of stored medicines or goods:


  • measures temperature at adjustable intervals
  • evaluates whether it is within a user-defined range
  • sends a summary statistics at set durations
  • sends an immediate alarm/incident message if the temperature is not within the defined range
  • is wirelessly connected to the Internet via an IoT network (NB-IoT)
  • works on a battery that lasts for several years
  • is calibrated to measure temperature according to medical standards

We also offer a web application accompanying the device, which allows for automatic assignment of the individual incidents to predefined roles. The key features of the application are:

  • Audit record
  • Escalation of alarms-incidents
  • Role Settings
  • Statistics
  • Display in charts

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