Solutions for smart cities

  • Monitoring of the deployment of large containers (LocSense)
  • Measuring of the level of filling of containers for solid and liquid waste (DistSense)
  • Parking space occupancy or car/bike passage detection (ParkSense)
  • Detection of clogging of the container inlet
  • Detection of missing dog excrement bags (DistSense)
  • Detection of a garbage bin overflow/remaining products in automatic dispenser (DistSense)
  • Detecting unauthorized use of cars, bicycles or construction machinery and equipment (WifiSense)


LocSense is a tracking device for objects:

  • monitoring of classic or electric bikes in bike sharing services
  • monitoring of the location of large-volume containers.


ParkSense is a device that, based on changes in the local magnetic field, can:

  • detect parking space occupancy,
  • measure the number of passages of cars or bicycles through a given location.


Variosense is a device that can perform various detections based on tracking of the distance:

  • Clogging of the container inlet
  • Missing dog excrement bags
  • Fill-up level of garbage bins
  • Remaining products in an automatic dispenser.

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