SENSORITY was awarded URBIS Gold Medal for device LocSense Pole for traffic signs

Sensority took second place in the URBIS 2020 Gold Medal competition with its LocSense Pole solution. “Second place is almost like the first, we are pleasantly surprised. I praise the methodology of form processing, it was set nicely and clearly,” said Václav Kožený.

LocSense is a solution for monitoring of portable traffic signs. In addition to the current location of the sign, it will give you information about whether it is standing or lying, with the use of a compass it detects its direction, and an accelerometer enables to detect its movement. It is applicable especially in block cleaning or road works, when you need to have a constant overview of the position of the signs. The sensor is uniquely designed for mounting in the sign pole and is thus almost invisible. It is battery powered and lasts up to several years.