Logistics and Security

Reducing losses and improving security that your assets are where they should be


Sensority solution for assett tracking "LocSense" is based on wireless sensors, that in pre-defined intervals collects location data when on the move or outside of defined area, and transfer the data to a cloud, where they are processed and subsequently displayed in web application or integrated into customer systems.


Realtion location of your assetts


Due to reduction in losses and damanges


Of your assetts

Location monitoring

LocSense solution allows to trackthe location of a container, machine, reel, or even mobile toilets.

The implementation of thissolution is beneficialfor automationand planningof deliveryand placement of specific objects (e.g.containers) and ensuringthat theyare onplace. LocSense device is placed directlyon theobject which is being monitored,it is activated with movement and gives informationof itsposition until themovement is completed.The operatorthus knows exactly when the itemwas pickedup, whether it was taken to the right place,and thatit wasmoved atthe righttime andwhere.

The LocSense device is wirelessand determines the location according to the desired accuracy, fromthe exactlocation using GPS(GNSS), through WiFi to the approximate location determined fromthe mobiledata network.The obtaineddata aresent inreal timeover awireless network toa Cloud and are subsequently displayed ina webapplication, possibly further integratedinto thecustomer’s systems. Thedevices are poweredby abattery with abattery life of several years.

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Geo fencing

LocSense solution allows to control that the designated items are inside the defined area or are transported by a specified route.

Especially when using LocSense Lite, customers get the ability to monitor their consignments or other objects and, in the event of a major deviation from the route or leaving the defined zone, will obtain immediate information of the case and thus can take necessary steps to avoid losses.

The LocSense Lite is wireless and determines the location using a mobile data network. The obtained data are sent in real time over a wireless network to the Cloud and are then displayed in a Web application which compares real location against the specified Zone. The devices are powered by a battery with a battery life corresponding to the desired message frequency.

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Delivery tracking

LocSense allows to control that the designated shipments are delivered to the designated location and at specified time.

By using the LocSense WiFi device, the customer gets the ability to confirm at a low cost that the shipment was transported to its destination for which a Wifi network is used. The device can, both during the movement and mainly when the movement stops, verify its location from the available WiFi networks and thus determine its location quite precisely. In the case of deliveries to defined locations, it can specifically check and confirm the correct or defective delivery.

The LocSense WiFi device is wireless and detects its location using available WiFi networks. Obtained data are sent over a wireless network to a Cloud in real time and are then displayed in a Web application where the real location is controlled with the expected location. The devices are powered by a battery with a battery life corresponding to the desired message frequency

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